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A Quadruplet Album under Clearnessism

A Quadruplet Album under Clearnessism

20.01.2020 News

This Quadruplet Album has published by Cheshmandaz-e Farda Institute of Art and Culture in 2015 and contains:

CD 1 --- Clearnessism آشکارگرایی ---

Composer: Mansoor Habibdoost آهنگساز: منصور حبیب دوست

Impetus for String Quartet:

Played by Zarvan (زَروان) String Quartet: Vl. I: Laleh Fallah-pasand (لاله فلاح پسند), Vl. II: Pendar Parsi (پندار پارسی), Vla.: Babak Kouhestani (بابک کوهستانی), Vlc.: Narges Fallah-pasand (نرگس فلاح پسند)

1 I: Solennemente – Allegro tranquillo – Solennemente

2 II: Allegro marziale – Intimamente – Allegro marziale

3 III: Misterioso

4 IV: Solennemente – Allegro feroce - Allegro tranquillo - Solennemente – Allegro feroce

Revolution for Classical Guitar:

Played by Mansoor Habibdoost (منصور حبیب دوست)

5 I: Allegro moderato con agitato

6 II: Grave – Andantino espressivo – Grave

7 III: Allegro feroce

An Angel for String Orchestra:

Sampled using Finale 2005 software

8 Irosamente

9 Con preghiere

10 Pensierosamente

11 In fretta

Algorithmic composition for Computer:

Sounded by Pd software

12 One Minute with Me and Liszt

Algorithmic composition for Computer:

Sounded by Pd software

13 When Marcel Duchamp Hears The Electronic Shur, Version II

A piece for Computer:

Sounded by Reason software

14 G Minor Nostalgia

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CD 2 --- Rain Whipping for Computer, Inspired by the Guileh-mard Novel of Bozorg Alavi شلاق باران برای کامپیوتر، با الهام از داستان گیله مرد نوشته ی بزرگ علوی ---

Composer: Mansoor Habibdoost آهنگساز: منصور حبیب دوست

All Moments are sounded by Pd software.

1 Moment I

2 Moment II

3 Moment III

4 Moment IV

5 Moment V

6 Moment VI

7 Moment VII

8 Moment VIII

9 Moment IX

10 Moment X

11 Moment XI

CD 3 --- Classical Guitar Improvisation بداهه نوازی گیتار کلاسیک  ---

Improvisator: Mansoor Habibdoost بداهه نواز: منصور حبیب دوست

1 Dawn

2 Morning

3 Afternoon

4 Evening

5 Night

6 Midnight

7 After Midnight

8 Beyond Anytime

9 Next Morning

10 Next Noon

11 Next Evening

CD 4 --- Classical Guitar Anthology منتخب گیتار کلاسیک  ---

Performer: Mansoor Habibdoost نوازنده: منصور حبیب دوست


1 Recuerdos de la Alhambra

FERNANDO SOR (1778-1839)

2 Etude No.20 in C Major


Suite No.2 for Lute, BWV 997:

3 Prelude

4 Fugue

5 Sarabande

6 Jig & Double


7 Fantasia


8 Las Abejas

MAURO GIULIANI (1781-1829)

Sonata for Guitar, Op.15:

9 I: Allegro spiritoso

10 II: Adagio con espressione

11 III: Allegro vivace


12 Etude No. 25 in A Major

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