Mansoor Habibdoost
Mansoor Habibdoost (منصور حبیب دوست)


21 Jul 2014

Clearnessism Manifest (بیانیه آشکارگرایی)


Clearnessism, the best way in communication with the art music listeners, in my opinion, shares the basics of a piece with them. Clearness is only thing that we need to hear and hear again. A listener needs to understand how a composer composes any sound and silence in their rhythm and how he or she usages other materials to make a product, named music. However, here is a crucial point about the complexity or simplicity of a clearnessist composer piece, about something in relation to music aesthetics.

Simplicity makes it clear to understand construction against complexity, and I'd like to clear about if does clearnessism mean simplicity? I answer not at all. The world is more complex than everything we know but is the simplest when we remember a sunrise that saw and try to speak about. When we say wow, we understand and cognize a complex composition of the world elements that make a product, named amazing sunrise.

Another point about clearnessism is why clearness? There are many answers in my mind that maybe some of them can be written or even not be fluent on these lines. Here I say one important answer: the more clearness, the more attractiveness. Humans love to be attracted in first encounter, so I pursuit this norm in my composition and try to make sound from my pieces in a clearness way to attract more people to and make them hear and hear me. I do this by clarifying the ways I select my ideas from materials and by making sound of them when are repeated and when are encountered with each other.

Clearnessism Manifest by Mansoor Habibdoost (منصور حبیب دوست) on 21 Jul 2014 (after eight years practice on such an ism)



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